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Our HVAC systems are a vital part of our home’s ecosystem, literally and figuratively. They keep us cool in the hot Niceville summers, warm in the winters and keep our air quality pristine so we can breathe easy throughout the year. But what happens when our trusty HVACs start showing signs of disrepair and when is the right time to call a professional to come out and take a look?

At McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating, we are trusted professionals with tons of AC knowledge and we’d like to pass on that information to you. Read below for some of the warning signs that your HVAC system is struggling and needs professional repair!

What Are the Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioning Repair?

Noticing that your AC is behaving abnormally is enough to cause panic for any person. But when is it actually time to worry? We’ve compiled some of the sure-fire indications that it’s time to call a professional to help you avoid any lasting disasters.

Strange Odor

Out of the many things your AC offers you, smelling funny should not be on the list. If you’re noticing an interesting odor coming from your system, this could have a few different causes.

If the smell is similar to gunpowder or is especially strong, your fan motor or circuit board may have shorted out. If you’re smelling a musty scent, you could have a bacterial buildup growing in a few places including:

  • The drain
  • The evaporator coil
  • The drip pan
  • The drain line

While these can be detected by a technician and usually don’t mean you have to throw the whole system out, bigger problems may arise when these issues are left for too long without attention.

Interesting Sounds

Sounds like grinding, squeaking, buzzing or clanking coming from your HVAC when you turn it on are not ideal and could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. It may be anything from a malfunctioning compressor to a refrigerant leak, but be sure to have a professional come out to diagnose the problem.

Reduced Air Flow

If your AC comes on but you can’t feel any air coming out of your vents, it’s time to check those filters! Your air returns could be clogged with dirt, dust, hair and other debris that make it difficult for your system to properly cool your home.

For this reason, it’s very important for you to remember to change your filters about once every 90 days. If you change the filters and the issue doesn’t resolve, you may benefit from a professional duct cleaning.

Wasted Money

Have you noticed higher than usual energy bills? Maybe one area of your home is seemingly getting a lot more air than another? If these problems sound familiar, you could have efficiency obstacles on your hands.

While the reasons for a lack of HVAC efficiency can vary, what they all boil down to is your system working harder than it needs to heat and cool areas of your house.

If this issue has presented itself, be sure to call a trusted professional to come out and see what’s going on. You could benefit from air conditioner repair services!

How Can AC Repair Services Benefit Me?

If you can relate to any of the issues above, you may benefit from having a professional technician out to perform AC services. Repair and maintenance are beneficial for so many reasons including:

  • More secure home life
  • Better sleep
  • Less insects
  • Energy and money savings
  • Fewer repairs

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