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With summer quickly approaching, you may be dreaming of sunny afternoons on the beach or boat trips out into the gulf. Your air conditioner, meanwhile, probably isn’t at the top of your mind.

However, a comfortable Florida summer depends on a strong cooling system. Before the weather intensifies, review these AC best practices to ensure your unit is well-prepared for the sweltering days ahead. For more personalized advice on how to maintain your unit, contact McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating.


Summer AC Dos

Swapping Out Air Filters

Over time, dust and other debris gather in your HVAC system and disrupt airflow. That means your unit has to work even harder to keep your home cool and maintain your indoor air quality. In minor cases, these blockages will hike up your energy bills. At worst, this continued strain will lead to system collapse at the height of summer.

Make sure to change your filters at least every 90 days. If you live with a shedding pet or run your AC all day, every 60 days is ideal.

Utilizing Fans and Blinds

Some homeowners rely on fans when it’s a little toasty, then switch to their air conditioner when it gets too hot. However, you can (and should) activate your fans and cooling unit at the same time. This will help circulate the chilled air from your unit, dropping your home’s temperature faster.

You should also use blinds to block out the sun, especially in the middle of the day. Light-colored slats or curtains will stop rooms from overheating, which translates into less work for your AC.

Closing Vents in Empty Rooms

Provided your home has a central air conditioning unit, when all your vents are open, your system will try to chill every room simultaneously. By closing vents in unoccupied areas, you can speed up the cooling process and save energy, as your AC will only pump air into one or two rooms.

Scheduling a Maintenance Appointment

The hottest months of the year are the most strenuous for your HVAC system, meaning it’s more prone to malfunctions. When you schedule a tune-up before summer, a technician can spot flaws in the cooling process and prevent an untimely breakdown.

Remember, a maintenance appointment is always less costly than AC repairs!


Summer AC Don’ts

Leaving Windows and Doors Ajar

If you leave windows open after activating your air conditioner, you’re essentially wasting your unit’s cooling power. The chilled air from your system will escape only to be replaced with hot, humid outdoor air. Therefore, make sure your windows and doors are tightly sealed.

Dramatically Lowering the Temperature

When it’s especially warm, it may be tempting to crank the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature. In reality, this expends lots of unnecessary energy and doesn’t cool your home any faster. Simply set your system to your final preferred temperature instead.

Using an Improperly Sized Unit

A bigger unit isn’t always better, especially in a small house. If you aren’t certain your current AC measurements suit your home, you should schedule an installation consultation with professionals.

Never Giving Your Air Conditioner a Break

Finally, it’s important to remember your AC doesn’t need to be on 24/7, especially if you aren’t home all day. Deactivate your thermostat whenever possible, as this will give your HVAC system a well-deserved break. Otherwise, you may be calling for AC repairs all summer long.


Finding a Niceville HVAC Team

Call McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating for maintenance to start your summertime preparations. With over 40 years of experience, our technicians are familiar with countless cooling systems, meaning we can provide outstanding, personalized service based on your unique circumstances.