Premium Heat Pump Services

When it comes to Fort Walton’s unique weather, you’ll need a system capable of withstanding the summer highs and winter lows while performing at optimal efficiency. The experts at McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating firmly believe no other HVAC system is as capable of doing just that compared to a properly functioning heat pump system. For the most energy efficient, affordable HVAC system for your Fort Walton home, look no further. McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating have the leading experts needed for the perfect Fort Walton heat pump install. Whether it’s a new installation or heat pump maintenance Fort Walton homeowners can count on, we’ve got you covered.

Unique Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Heat pump systems are special in that they work in conditions suited perfectly for Florida’s more tropical climate – hot, humid summers and cool, mild winters that never dip below the freezing point. In these favorable conditions, heat pump systems can perform up to three times more efficiently than standard electrical furnace and HVAC systems, meaning you’ll be able to reduce energy costs and save money. By extracting excess heat, heat pump systems transfer this heat and reallocate it to where it is needed most. That means when temperatures begin to rise, your heat pump system will remove surplus heat within your home and push it outside. When temperatures begin to cool, it will pull any heat outdoors inside to keep you refreshed and relaxed year round. And for the entire time your system does this, you’ll hardly even lift a finger because it seamlessly adjusts and switches between the settings on its own to keep your home’s temperature consistent.

Why McCullough AC

Our committed team at McCullough AC knows and understands what it takes to provide high-quality comfort all year round. With over 40 years of experience in all things HVAC, our licensed and certified technicians are equipped with the best tools and knowledge available to provide you with exceptional customer service. We work quickly and effectively to make your heat pump installations quick and painless, most often with same day installations after we’ve determined the best solution for your home. Even after installation, we offer premium preventative maintenance services to keep your system performing its best and avoiding costly, potential repairs. Whether you’re in need of either service, we are dedicated to reaching your highest satisfaction. So give us a call today to get started with a heat pump installation Fort Walton homeowners rely on!