When living in Florida, it can be easy to get carried away enjoying the warm, tropical summers for months on end. For most of us, the winter weather tends to sneak up on us, and being prepared for the cool, chilly temperatures can be a challenge. At McCullough AC and Heating, we offer a variety of heating services Crestview homeowners have come to count on. Whether you’re in need of rapid, dependable installations or effective, lasting repairs, the expert technicians at McCullough AC are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to keep you warm and toasty the moment temperatures begin to dip.

HVAC Repair

As temperatures begin to drop after a long and enjoyable summer, nothing can be more frustrating than going to switch on your heater to discover it’s in need of a repair. If you’re in need of a quick and seamless heater repair, McCullough AC has you covered. Our licensed technicians are certified to work on a variety of systems and brands, so we can you effectively diagnose and repair your system quickly and without hassle. With our team by your side, your system will be back up and running at maximum efficiency in no time!

crestview heating servicesFurnace Installation

If you’re constantly having to repair an older, outdated furnace or heat pump, it may be time to consider a new furnace installation for your home. Whether you’re tired of constant pesky repairs, high energy bills or just want a new system, McCullough AC can help find and install the perfect furnace or heat pump system that best fits your home at an affordable price. Along with our premium installations, our team offers a variety of maintenance packages to keep your system performing its best all year long.

Why McCullough AC

For over 40 years, McCullough AC and Heating has been the leading company for all things air conditioning Crestview residents have trusted time and time again. At McCullough AC, your complete comfort is our number one priority. That’s why we strive for exceptional customer service and only offer the best heating services available for the residents of Crestview. Our licensed technicians are professional and friendly, working with you every step of the way to discover the most affordable solution for your home. Backed with industry-leading expertise and a variety of financing plans to help you get the systems you deserve, we are committed to bringing you optimal comfort for your home and family in no time.