Professional Heat Pump Services

Although our area is infamous for its naturally tropical weather, it’s no secret Crestview’s weather can sometimes be a roller coaster ride. When winter temperatures begin to dip and summer temperatures rise significantly, having the perfect heat pump system for your home will keep you comfortable inside – no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. Whether you’re in need of a heat pump install Crestview homeowners can depend on or routine Crestview heat pump maintenance to keep your system in its best shape, McCullough AC and Heating has the expertise to handle any of your comfort needs.

The Perfect Solution

Crestview climate – warmer summers and mild winters – provides the perfect conditions for heat pump systems. When temperatures remain above freezing, as it does in Florida, these heat pump systems operate at the maximum efficiency, which is often up to three times more efficient than other systems like electric furnaces. Although seemingly complex, these systems work effectively by transporting heat from one area to another. When the weather begins to rise, the system will pull any excess heat from your home and transfer it outdoors. When temperatures begin to drop, your heat pump will work in reverse, bringing in extra heat into your home to keep you warm. Even better, the system works on its own, switching between the cooling and heating processes without you ever having to worry. Our technicians at McCullough AC and Heating are experts at everything heat pump and can assist you in finding and installing the perfect heat pump system for your home. We work with you every step of the way, from analyzing your home to sizing and installing your system for maximum comfort. We work with industry-leading equipment and experience, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most cost-effective and comfortable solution for your home.

McCullough’s Difference

When it comes to premium AC and heating services, McCullough AC is the number one company for heating and air conditioning Crestview residents have trusted for years. Our professionals work around the clock to ensure you have the highest quality of comfort. With your comfort as our top priority, we guarantee you get the best value for your dollar, offering you workable, quality solutions without cutting corners. We are committed to meeting your complete satisfaction, offering a variety of services from routine preventative maintenance to lasting, dependable repairs. No matter the job, let McCullough AC help you today!