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Nothing is worse than foul odors permeating throughout your home. But it can become scary when odors are coming from your air conditioner! If you are wondering what AC smells to watch out for in case of danger, then you have found the right place to turn to.

Here at McCullough Air Conditioning and Heating, we will provide the information needed to make the best decision for your home!

Common AC Odors That Mean You Need Repair

Car Exhaust

The last time that I checked, your AC is tasked with keeping your home comfortable, not assisting in the need for speed. Car exhaust and healthy breathing do not mix!

Unfortunately, the likely cause of this smell is very dangerous. That car exhaust smell typically comes from a refrigerant leak. A leak in the refrigerant line may release chemicals that can poison your air.

You will need our professionals for repair in this situation.


Although science experiments can be fun, your AC unit should not smell like a chemistry class. Before you start examining your unit, be aware of what substances could be around it. Chemicals stored in or around the home should always be kept away from your air conditioner to avoid them affecting the air quality.

Your unit may use a variety of chemicals and it is best to have a professional examine it to prevent any danger.

Musty Or Moldy

There are not many smells more frustrating to your nose than these. If your AC smells musty then you’re probably wishing you could give it a stick of deodorant. That is no solution to this problem, but we’ll tell you what can help.

A cause for this smell could be dirty air filters that have accumulated debris over time. Replacing these filters routinely may be the solution. If this is not the cause of the smell then it may be due to water build-up in your AC system. Fungus and mildew can grow which will need to be cleaned out thoroughly by our experts.

Rotten Egg

When it comes to this odor you should first make sure there are not any actual rotten eggs in your home. As frustrating as rotten eggs may be, this smell coming from your AC could be far more dangerous.

This odor might be the cause of a natural gas leak. This odor can be used to warn homeowners that there is an issue. So, regardless of what the smell is, you should act fast! Another cause of this smell could be deceased animals within the ductwork or attic of your home.

If this is the case then you will need to contact the appropriate authorities to remove it.

Cigarette Smoke

For non-smokers, this odor may be confusing. If no one smokes inside your home then this odor may be caused by overheated components in your unit.

Burnt components may cause a smokey smell within your home. Also, these burnt components may cause debris inside the unit to burn as well which contributes to the smell. It is best to get one of our professionals to inspect your AC.

However, if you are a smoker then you will need to routinely replace your air filters every month as the cigarette smoke will affect your air conditioner.

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